As part of our #IFeelMoreLikeMe campaign, we’re asking mums to share their moments of remembering that they’re actually human beings in their own right, not just slaves to little people – and finding out about how some inspiring mums manage it! This week we caught up with Alex Manson-Smith, co-writer (alongside Sarah Thompson) of the very amusing blog, and more recently book, You’re So Mummy. Described as “an honest take on 21st-century motherhood that sticks two finger-puppets up at parenting manuals”, if you haven’t read it yet, put it on your list!


One tip for balancing motherhood/work/life

Don’t be too proud to ask for help, particularly from other mums, who can bail you out when it comes to pickups, etc. And then make sure you repay the favour!

One tip for looking good when you’re knackered

Good hair and a pedicure distracts from the bags under the eyes. That’s my theory, anyway…

One thing you miss about your 20s

Being able to devote the whole weekend to fun stuff. 

One thing you don’t miss about your 20s

Queueing in the cold outside nightclubs.

What’s easier: A day at work or a day with the kiddies?

Whichever one I’m not doing at the time. Although, on balance, unless you work down a mine or something, work is probably easier. 

Weekend away: country camping or city break?

City break please! 

In a crisis: a strong cuppa or something much stronger?

Am quite likely to have both, to be honest.

Friday night: stepping out in your heels or staying in with your old friend Netflix?

Stepping out in flats – life’s too short for painful feet. 

Finally, what makes you feel more like you?

#IFeelMoreLikeMe when…  I’ve had a good night’s sleep followed by a boozy lunch with friends.

Thanks again Alex! You’re So Mummy, the new book by Alex Manson-Smith and Sarah Thompson, is out now published by Penguin. Find out more at

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