Have you seen our #IFeelMoreLikeMe campaign, celebrating the moments and experiences that make us remember that we’re more than ‘just’ mums, wives, partners, employees, employers, friends… the list goes on…?! Sometimes you have a moment that just makes you feel more like YOU, and that’s what we’re reclaiming here!

As part of our campaign we’re talking to some inspirational women about who they are, who they used to be and what makes them feel more like themselves.

To kick us off, here’s our 60 second interview with one mama who is doing it all, the fabulous Lucie Cave, Editor-in-Chief of Heat Magazine and mummy to baby Ridley:

Lucie Cave IFeelMoreLikeMe

One tip for balancing motherhood/work/life

My favourite quote is from Vivienne Westwood who says ‘always be your best self’ – so do the best you can in all areas of life, be happy doing it and don’t worry about the things you can’t / don’t have time to do. 

One tip for looking good when you’re knackered

Vitamin C serum from skinceuticals – it’s like having life dripped back into you

One thing you miss about your twenties

Managing 6 festivals in one year and still being alive at the end of it  

One thing you don’t miss about your twenties

Hooking up with all the wrong boys – and going on far too many sun-beds 

What’s easier: A day at work or a day with the bubba?

It very much depends on whether the kids at work are playing up or not 😉

Weekend away: Country camping or city break?

Country camping (but Glamping please..!)

In a crisis: a strong cuppa or something much stronger?

Red wine. Massive glass.

Friday night: stepping out in your heels or staying in with your old friend Netflix?

Staying in with Netflix. And my good mate Pizza.

Finally, what makes you feel more like you?

#IFeelMoreLikeMe when…  I‘m dancing like a loon in my best friend’s garden after an accidental boozy lunch!

Thanks again to Lucie – and don’t forget, you can win a £200 Dr Mayoni voucher* if you tell us what makes YOU feel more like you! See the pinned posts on Facebook and Twitter for details.

*Please note: Competition closes at midnight on Thursday 14th July 2016.