You may have heard of the 8 Point Non-surgical Facelift – sometimes also known as the 8 Point Lift, or the Fluid Face Lift. It’s a relatively new approach, targeting eight specific areas of the face with small amounts of filler.

But how does it work? And is it all it’s cracked up to be?

The idea behind the 8 Point Non-surgical Facelift is to use fillers in key areas of the face, subtly lifting and contouring them. As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity, and this combined with the effects of gravity means that our skin starts to sag. The 8 Point Lift procedure works by targeting areas in the mid and lower face. Injectable fillers are used to define the cheekbones and jawline, lift the corners of the mouth, reduce the nasal labial lines (the creases that run between the sides of the nose and the mouth) and fill the hollow of the tear trough – the area between the upper cheek and lower eyelid.

The procedure does not require general anaesthetic, and leaves no stitches or scars. And even better, there is little to no downtime, meaning you can get straight back to business!

So: that’s the “8 points” and “non-surgical” elements explained. But does it live up to the hype? Can such a subtle procedure produce significant results?

First, it’s worth dispelling a few myths about fillers. They have moved on a long way since they were first introduced back in the 1990s. Originally, they were (shock horror!) permanent. This meant that, even if the initial results were fantastic, ten years down the line could be a completely different story. Over time, the fillers had a tendency to migrate down the face and pool in different areas, such as the jowls. Not only that, but their thicker consistency meant using larger needles, and made the whole process quite arduous.

Thankfully, both of these major downsides are now a thing of the past.

The 8 Point Lift uses much smaller amounts of filler: the aim is not to volumise the skin – in fact a whole syringe contains just 0.1ml of filler. I work with the Vycross range of next-generation fillers from Allergan, the same experts behind the renowned Juvederm range. Vycross has two major advantages: it has a smoother consistency (meaning smaller needles!) and also contains an anaesthetic, Lidocaine, making the whole procedure much more comfortable.

The procedure contours and shapes problem areas, removing lines and shadows and giving a fantastic, refreshed look. Discreet, but very effective. The Vycross fillers give long-lasting results (some up to 18 months) but they are NOT permanent, meaning that your treatments can evolve and adapt as you age, giving much more natural results.

I love working with the Vycross range. The products have a wonderful plasticine quality, adding strategic points of support to give your whole face a boost. I like to think of it as basically “re-scaffolding” the face!

Each face is different, and the more nuanced approach of the 8 Point Non-surgical Lift means I will target the areas that really make a difference to you.

If you’d like to find out more about the 8 Point Non-surgical Facelift, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can arrange a consultation and talk through all the details, and any worries or concerns you may have.

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