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Obagi is one of the leaders of skin health in the world. The range is based on the philosophy that everyone can revitalise, enhance and maintain beautiful skin for life.

Obagi is one of the leaders of skin health in the world. The range is based on the philosophy that everyone can revitalise, enhance and maintain beautiful skin for life.

Obagi was founded by Dr Zein Obagi in 1988 who created the concept of ‘Skincare Health”, and the range combines in-clinic treatments with at-home skin care. The Clinic by Dr. Mayoni is a proud Obagi Ambassador Clinic.


Why should I use Obagi?

Simply because it works. This range is different to anything you can buy in the shops or online because it targets deep into the dermal layers. This is achieved by the patented formulation that actually carries active products deeper. Shop-bought ones just sit on the surface of the skin and might feel nice initially but simply prevent the natural shedding of skin cells and health of the skin. Obagi products work efficiently, creating real, lasting change.


How does it work?

  • Boosts skin health at the cellular level
  • Targets common signs of ageing for more visibly vibrant skin
  • Addresses skin damaged from sun exposure such as wrinkles, melasma and changes in texture and tone
  • Improves skin cell function for a longer-lasting refreshed appearance
  • Combats causes of acne through better sebum control and cell metabolism

Book in for a consultation with Dr Mayoni and you can talk in depth about your skin concerns, what you’d like to achieve, over what period of time and how much time and money you’d like to invest in your skin too. Importantly we will discuss what Obagi can realistically achieve for you. Dr Mayoni will also assess your skin fully. With the combination of prescription and non-prescription products, Obagi can target most skin concerns. Unlike many other ranges Obagi is suitable for use by all skin tones, from Fitzpatrick type I to type VI.

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We offer seven products in the range:

Obagi Nu-Derm Fx™

NuDerm is the ‘gold standard’, signature Obagi range, designed to treat signs of ageing: hyperpigmentation (including dark age spots), fine lines and wrinkles. The original NuDerm range contains products with prescription only 4% hydroquinone to target pigmentation irregularities, whilst the NuDerm Fx range has replaced these with a non-prescription alternative. Tretinoin (a Vitamin A) is another prescription ingredient that increases the rate of turnover of your skin cells and targets skin health from within the cell. This is available in varying concentrations and the appropriate one will be selected for you during your consultation.

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Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™

CLENZIderm is an extremely effective acne treatment range containing a range of prescription-only products. The benzoyl peroxide in the CLENZIderm range is far more effective than over-the-counter alternatives, as its formulation allows it to penetrate the skin more deeply to target the source of the acne. Prescription strength salicylic acid products will encourage more effective skin exfoliation to prevent these dead skin cells clogging and congesting your skin.

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Obagi-C® Rx

C-Rx is a range to target early signs of ageing. Containing prescription strength hydroquinone to target early pigmentation abnormalities and high doses of Vitamin C to provide anti-oxidant protection, it is a perfect range for those with early signs of ageing. It leaves you with fresher, brighter skin. The C-Fx range contains non-prescription alternatives to hydroquinone.

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Obagi 360 has been designed especially for younger skin and is also great for men who want great results but minimum fuss. A combination of ingredients including Retinol (another vitamin A derivative) works to protect and maintain youthful looking skin.

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Obagi ELASTIderm®

Obagi Elastiderm Eye products are a unique type of skincare that include a copper-zinc complex that helps restore elasticity around your eyes. Packed full of cell regenerators and antioxidants, this range reduces wrinkles and fine lines. A lovely little pick-me-up range that comes in a cream, roll on gel for eye puffiness and a mascara for your eyelashes.

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Obagi ELASTIderm® Décolletage

Obagi Elastiderm Décolletage System is an anti ageing treatment that clinically has been proven to restore healthy skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots as well as fine lines. The result is flawless, younger looking skin.

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Obagi Professional-C™

Professional-C serums are superb sources of Vitamin C, which can be added into any skincare regime to provide anti-oxidant protection and increase the efficacy of your sun protection. The Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask exfoliates and primes the skin for absorption of Vitamin C, reducing fine lines, improving skin texture and leaving your skin feeling softer and smoother.

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What can I do to kick start my regime?

Have a peel and get your glow back! We offer Obagi Blue Peel Radiance and Obagi Blue Peel at The Clinic:


This light chemical peel is perfect to reveal your radiant skin, and works even better in combination with some of our Obagi home-use systems. This peel uses salicylic acid which will exfoliate your skin, removing the dead layers responsible for dullness. The Blue Peel Radiance works best as a course of six to reveal younger, healthier skin.

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Blue Peel®

This is a deeper peel ideal for those with more deeply engrained lines and wrinkles. Preparation with the NuDerm system for at least 12 weeks is essential before undergoing the Blue Peel. During the procedure you will receive local anaesthetic injections to make you more comfortable while the peel solution takes effect. Afterwards your skin will look blue-tinged, and within two to three days your skin will start to noticeably peel away, so make sure you time this peel carefully around events and work activities.

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What next?

Following your consultation Dr Mayoni will create a personalised programme for you. Prices vary according to your treatment plan. Please contact us to book in for your full consultation.

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