A new report released this month gives a shocking insight into how clients are being exploited by unregistered aesthetics practitioners. Don’t be a victim: read on to find out how you can protect yourself before you seek treatment.

What did the report reveal?

The report summarised 934 consumer complaints dealt with by Save Face, the independent accreditation agency for the aesthetics industry. All of the complaints related to unregistered practitioners, and they make for shocking reading.

Dermal filler treatments accounted for the highest number of complaints. They made up about two thirds of the total complaints. Complications included swelling and bruising, lumps and nodules under the skin, and uneven results.

Botulinum toxin (Botox™) was also the source of a large proportion of the complaints. One in ten of these treatments took place at a “Botox Party”.  Reported complications included bruising and asymmetrical results and drooping of the eyebrow or eyelid. In four cases, clients developed blurred vision.

Worryingly, three quarters of people who made a botulinum toxin complaint did not know that it is a prescription only medicine. Two thirds did not have a face-to-face consultation with their practitioner before treatment. More than a third did not know the qualifications of their practitioner. This is really important because if a treatment is carried out by unaccountable practitioners it often means there is no redress for patients if things go wrong: they are often uninsured and frequently hard to trace.

Unscrupulous providers are exploiting patients’ lack of knowledge and leaving them at best with disappointing or non-existent results, or at worse with ongoing complications. Don’t take that risk: always check up on your practitioner before you book in, and always give yourself time to reconsider.

Use the Save Face register

Save Face has a really useful register to help consumers search, compare and rate aesthetic practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The register gives clients the power to check that their chosen practitioner is qualified and trained. Consumers can also read reviews and information about the specific services practitioners provide. Save Face is officially recognised by The Department of Health, NHS England and the government, so you can rest assured that they know what they are talking about! You can access the Save Face register here:


Choose your practitioner carefully

All good aesthetics professionals will insist on a thorough consultation with clients before embarking on any treatments, as they will need to check relevant medical information with you. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and to have a cooling-off period to think it all through. You should never feel pressurised to rush into having any treatment.

Dr. Mayoni has been on the Save Face register since April 2015. You can read Mayoni’s profile and find out more about her qualifications and credentials by following this link:


Taking these steps now can save you a lot of distress in the longer term. Arm yourself with the right information and get the safe and effective treatments you deserve! And don’t forget you can contact us for more information or to book in for a full consultation with Dr. Mayoni.