We’re excited to announce our new, baby-friendly appointments at The Clinic, every Tuesdaybetween 9.30am and 2.30pm.

The Clinic is a place of escape for many of our clients: a chance to take a bit of a breather from hectic and busy lives! We work hard to create a relaxing environment, somewhere clients can take a deep breath and relax.

For this reason, we have a general policy of no young children attending appointments with their parents.

But we also appreciate how hard it can be to find time for the little pleasures in life when you have little treasures at home! Can you really justify a babysitter while you have a quick manicure or an eyebrow shape?

As a mum myself to three young children, I must admit to seeing both sides. From time to time a “no-kids” rule can be a bonus. See for example wedding invites forcing my husband and I to have a night away on our own! But other times it’s a nuisance.

So we’re introducing a new baby-friendly session at the Clinic!

Every Tuesday, for appointments between the hours of 9.30am and 2.30pm, babes in arms are welcome to come with you. Please note, this is subject to some restrictions:

  • Firstly, for their safety, children must accompany you to your treatment, and will remain your responsibility at all times. Therapists will not be able to hold or play with the babies, for obvious practical considerations.
  • Secondly, the treatments available are limited to those that are short in duration: manicures, pedicures, eyes and brows, waxes, and facials not exceeding 25 minutes.
  • Finally, we can only accommodate a maximum of two pushchairs in the salon reception area at any one time. So let us know at time of booking if you will be bringing your little one with you and we will check there is space!

We’d love to hear what you think of this idea. You can send a message to us via the contact form here, or call Reception at the Clinic on 020 8699 9496.

And please share this page with friends that you think would be interested!

And for those looking for total peace and quiet, rest assured that all other sessions in the week remain a “quiet zone”!