One of my clients kept a diary while she completed her first course of Obagi Nu-Derm treatment earlier this year – and has kindly agreed to share it with you, to help anyone contemplating a course themselves. This is her unvarnished, honest, warts-and-all opinion on the process and the results. I hope you find it useful!

“I started the Obagi Nuderm course in February, having been told how good it made your skin look and feel. Having also seen the results of friends that had used it, I was very excited to get going.

I went for a consultation with Dr Mayoni, where we talked through all the details and she explained how the process works. Firstly let me say: it needs some commitment from you in order to ensure that you get the best results. So if you are the type of person who expects to see results in a week or two, don’t do this skin regime. However, if you are willing to stick it out and properly follow the process (we are talking on average five or six products every morning and the same in the evening) then it’s definitely worth doing…

Initially I found focusing on my skin quite novel. I enjoyed using the Obagi Nu-Derm face wash, toner, vitamin C oil, moisturiser and two or three other products each day. It’s certainly the most attention I have ever given my skin.

The first few days were fine and I thought “this is great!”. Then came the hard bit… I woke one morning to find that my skin was peeling. Unfortunately one of the effects of this skin programme is that, in order for your new healthy skin to come through, you need to shed the old skin. There is no way around it and you just have to stick it out for about two weeks. ‘No problem’ I thought, ‘I will simply slap moisturiser on’. My skin was red, dry and flaky, and I found the more I tried to hide it (tinted moisturizer) the worse it got. It’s fine if you can hide in the house all day but if you have to go to work (as most of us will) be prepared for weird looks and comments like “are you ill?”. It was very embarrassing, and reminded me of being a teenager with bad skin! But after a panicked phone call to Mayoni she reassured me that this was perfectly normal and soon the nasty red patchy phase would end… and it did.

Once the “shedding” phase was over I delighted in my complexion. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m 39 and I don’t suddenly look 21, but my skin is much more even and a lot less red and blotchy. This means that I only need to wear a tinted sun block (Heliocare light tinted) as a base coverage now. Before I would wear a heavier tinted moisturizer and concealer in the areas where I had red patches.

I have also, genuinely, had people comment on how good my skin looks. Perhaps tellingly from the people who are usually the most honest (read that as blunt!) in their comments. My mother-in-law, who once told me to wash off the perfume I was wearing as she couldn’t stand the smell (!) asked why I did the Obagi course when my skin looked so lovely. “It’s because I did the course” I replied. “Fair point” she said! I also had a number of people who had no idea I had done the course, including a beautician, tell me how great my skin looks.

Personally I think the skin programme works best for women who have pigmentation or uneven skin tone. The subtle bleaches in some of the products make a huge difference and will resolve these issues. For me this was the most notable difference and the reason why I will happily go makeup free now – with the exception of mascara and sunblock!

I think my wrinkles (smile lines as my husband calls them!) are also a little less pronounced but I couldn’t say for sure. Ultimately though I feel that my skin is in better shape and that makes me feel great!

As for the cost, it’s not cheap but anything that requires medical advice, a prescription and a proper regime from a skin expert isn’t going to be cheap – and neither should it be. Also, during the course I didn’t buy a single other face product so a little financial investment in my face is a price worth paying.

Finally, now I am off the course I still continue to use the Obagi daily moisturizer and the Obagi Luxe which is (hands down) the loveliest moisturiser I have ever used. I’ll definitely do another course in the winter time and I’ll be more prepared for the “shedding” stage!”

As you can see from these official before and after images, supplied by Obagi, the results are compelling:

Client Story: Real Life Experience of Obagi Nu-Derm The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

If this has whetted your appetite and you’re considering the treatment for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a full consultation. And thanks again to my lovely client for sharing her story!