Dr. Mayoni is in print again! Her latest piece, titled “The Last Word: Pathway into Aesthetics”, focuses on the growing trend for newly qualified medical practitioners to enter aesthetics practice. Mayoni looks at whether these practitioners need more support from within the industry to make sure patients get the standards of care that they deserve.

Pathway into Aesthetics
Dr. Mayoni’s opinion piece appears in Volume 5, Issue 8 of Aesthetics Journal

Pathway into Aesthetics

Published in respected journal Aesthetics (Volume 5, Issue 8, July 2018) this subject is close to Mayoni’s heart. Having entered the aesthetics arena herself from an NHS surgical background, she understands the appeal of a career within the industry. The strain on the NHS, and consequently those working within it, means that growing numbers of healthcare professionals are choosing aesthetics as an alternative career path. Professionals including nurses, dentists, dermatologists and GPs are entering aesthetics, some coming almost directly from their foundation qualifications.

However, there is no mandatory training and qualification pathway in aesthetics. This means that each individual must decide the extent to which they pursue training and support before they begin working with patients.

Dr. Mayoni thinks this could be a cause for concern when it comes to patient safety and care. While she is in favour of younger practitioners entering the aesthetic arena – bringing new ways of thinking and practicing – the lack of hands-on experience gained in clinical settings is a worry. Could new practitioners inadvertently put patient safety at risk?

A new support system

It is Dr. Mayoni’s belief that there should be a greater focus on support, training and mentorship within the industry to help new practitioners. Not only would this help practitioners to develop their skills and techniques, it would also help to ensure that patients get the best possible treatment and outcomes. This is something that we are passionate about here at The Clinic. Passing on her knowledge and experience to those starting out on their aesthetics path is very important to Dr. Mayoni, and this is why she not only takes part in regular training, but also delivers training sessions too.