Many of you will have seen today’s headlines regarding the FDA warning against vaginal rejuvenation or tightening treatments and here at The Clinic, Dr Mayoni is keen to provide reassurance and perspective on what today’s news means for you.

The FDA has warned of the risks associated with some vaginal rejuvenation therapies which could include burns, scarring and recurring pain. Importantly, it will take action against companies who launch and promote these devices without the proper scientific studies and clinical evidence to demonstrate that they are safe and effective.

Dr. Mayoni welcomes the FDA’s statement

First and foremost – this position is absolutely aligned with the approach we take here at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni. Dr Mayoni welcomes the FDA’s statement as it ensures that the health, safety and wellbeing of women is put front and centre, by demanding that such treatments are properly tested for safety and efficacy.

Geneveve by Viveve is not one of the companies included in the FDA’s statement or warning letters

At The Clinic, we only offer clinically proven treatments of the highest quality and not all ‘heat treatments’ for vaginal rejuvenation are the same. We offer the Geneveve treatment, by Viveve. Viveve was not one of the companies included in the FDA’s statement or warning letters, and has a wealth of quality clinical data demonstrating the treatment’s safety and efficacy.

“I am proud to be the Head UK Trainer and brand ambassador for Viveve and I believe passionately that women suffering from SUI (Stress urinary incontinence) and vaginal laxity should be offered a safe, effective treatment delivered by medical experts,” says Dr Mayoni. “Today’s warning from the FDA comes at an important time, as there are now many vaginal rejuvenation brands out there and women need to know that the treatment they choose has been properly tested for safety”.

More About Viveve

Viveve is a radio-frequency vaginal tightening and rejuvenation treatment which also uses cryogen cooling. The treatment is backed up by clinical trials with high quality safety and efficacy data (a randomised, blinded, multi-centre clinical trial which has been published in two peer-reviewed journals), as well as pre-clinical studies showing no injury to the vaginal and surrounding tissues during Viveve treatment. Viveve is currently approved for use in over 50 countries for the treatment of vaginal laxity and / or sexual function.