Happy New Year! Christmas seems to have flown by, how can it possibly be 2017 already..? We’re very busy at The Clinic with lots of exciting plans for the coming months, including renovations and the launch of the new clinic in early February. Watch this space 🙂

So I’m eager to get cracking on 2017, but it’s fair to say that New Year is not always an easy time. Having taken stock over the Christmas break, we often set ourselves very tough goals. And then we get demotivated when we (quite understandably!) struggle to stick to them.

I think our first New Year’s resolution should always be to be more kind to ourselves! Let’s face it, January is a tough time to start a new regime. It’s cold, it’s dark most of the time, it’s a long time until pay-day and we’re struggling to shake that chesty cough that seems to have been hanging on for weeks…

So here are five ideas to help you keep focused and positive and chase those January blues away:

  1. Be flexible: if you don’t stick rigidly to those New Year’s resolutions, don’t panic! And more importantly: don’t give up. Perhaps you’ve come down with a head cold and can’t face the gym? Or accidentally opened a bottle of wine forgetting your dry January plans… Just re-start the next day, and keep looking forward!
  2. Make some plans: this can be really helpful with fitness goals in particular, but works in other areas too. Get some dates in the diary that you can focus on, whether that be a local 5K run, or a date to meet with a good friend in February. It helps to have something in the near future to aim towards.
  3. Make time for the things that you love: If that’s running, great (I’m very jealous!). But if that’s curling up in an armchair with a book, also great. Maybe it’s cooking, or walking, or painting, or knitting… Allow yourself time to do it.
  4. Learn a new skill: we have the whole of YouTube at our disposal, where you can literally learn how to do anything, from changing a tap to playing the saxophone. Even if it’s just a 15-minute eye make-up tutorial to master a new look, there’s something very satisfying about adding a new string to your bow!
  5. Make something: Using our hands to transform things seems to be an important part of what makes humans tick. The sense of achievement can give you a real boost. Maybe you’ll bake a cake, or make a cushion, or knit a jumper, or throw a pot. It may not be perfect but it’ll be all yours! Have a look for local classes in your area to get inspired.

Hopefully if we’re kind to ourselves we can make it through cold and dreary January, and come out the other side with a smile on our faces!

Take care everyone.