Making our clients happy is the number one aim for all of us here at The Clinic: we think that to look good, it’s essential to feel good too! That’s the thinking behind our SkinFit, BodyFit, MindFit ethos: we want everyone to feel the best that they can feel and really achieve that glow.

So we’re doing a little happy dance here in Honor Oak this week after receiving this wonderful testimonial from a client. It really sums up everything we are aiming for, and we hope you’ll indulge us as we share it with you in full:

“This is much overdue but I would like to put on record how wonderful you are! Firstly thank you so much for the Blue Radiance Peel voucher – my skin looks fabulous since I’ve had it done and I’m hoping to go for the Skin Tech version later in the year.

When I first came to see Mayoni in February I felt old, haggard and tired but she was warm, friendly but most of all extremely knowledgeable and I knew I was in good hands. Having invested in a number of treatments (Plexr, Botox and some fillers) I feel 10 years younger, have far more confidence and friends are always saying how well I look. I have even secured a dream job that I would never had the confidence to apply for had I not invested in some self-care.

I cannot recommend The Clinic highly enough for their professional yet friendly approach; in fact on the back of my treatments, friends have visited and feel the same way.

I look forward to my next visit and carrying on with my journey of rejuvenation and self care.”

This is what makes our work so rewarding: thanks to each and every one of our clients – your support over the last two years has been amazing!