Dr. Mayoni attended the House of Lords for afternoon tea earlier this week as one of f:Entrepreneur’s inaugural #ialso Top 100!

f:Entrepreneur seeks to shine a light on multi-achieving women. The campaign is aimed at both men and women, because everyone has something to learn from their stories. The #ialso Top 100 campaign celebrates one hundred UK-based female entrepreneurs who are shaking things up and inspiring their peers and their communities through their activities. Dr. Mayoni is extremely honoured and proud to be a part of this group of dynamic, creative and fearless women, working across a huge range of roles and industries. You can see the full list and read about their achievements here – highly recommended if you’re in need of an inspirational boost!

Dr. Mayoni at the House of Lords! The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

It is no mistake that the #ialso Top 100 event takes place in the same week as International Women’s Day 2019: the original f:Entrepreneur campaign launched on IWD 2017, and the #ialso Top 100 campaign was born from IWD 2018.

f:Entrepreneur itself was founded by Michelle Ovens MBE, director of Small Business Saturday UK and chair of the Small Business Charter. Michelle felt there should be more recognition for the women who run businesses in the UK. Michelle said:

“It is fantastic to have been at the House of Lords today with this phenomenal group of women. The stories of these women are incredibly inspirational and reach outside the traditional bounds of business, including a number of cancer survivors and carers, amongst many other people who do so much more than their day job.”

Dr. Mayoni at the House of Lords! The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

So it was only fitting that Mayoni took a quick visit to the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst while she was at the House of Lords. In 1903, Emmeline helped to found the Women’s Social and Political Union, whose members were the first to be known as ‘suffragettes’. Her work helped pave the way for women to being to take their rightful places in society. There is still some work to be done here (ahem!), but women are proving day after day that they should not be underestimated!