We have a fabulous new product in the Clinic this month: the gorgeous Aromatherapy Associates range of oils.

We are now using their exclusive oils products for our massages and treatments. This gorgeous range combines blended essential oils with active botanicals, meaning the products not only smell INCREDIBLE but also leave the skin glowing and healthy.

Aromatherapy Associates

A truly multi-sensory experience!

Essential oils have long been used therapeutically. They help to relieve aches and pains in the muscles, ease congestion of the sinuses, and improve the circulation. But they are also great for the skin: they soak into the deeper layers and this helps to encourage better circulation and improve the cellular renewal. This in turn can be really helpful for problems like acne and eczema, and it’s also beneficial for ageing skin.

The Aromatherapy Associates range (as the name suggests!) also uses aromatherapy, to work on the mind as well as the body. The aromatic plant oils in the products are carefully blended to stimulate the sense of smell. One of our most primitive senses, our reaction to different smells happens deep within the brain. Aromas have the power to alter our cognitive, psychological and physical well-being.

So a massage using these carefully formulated oils is a truly multi-sensory experience!

Mindful Beauty

Aromatherapy Associates was founded by Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey more than 30 years ago. Their passion for aromatherapy drove the ethos of the brand: Mindful Beauty. This is the idea of giving yourself the space to find balance and wellbeing, and to allow your natural beauty to shine through. They believed that aromatherapy can nurture the body and at the same time boost the spirits. The Mindful Beauty approach really chimes with me and my outlook on beauty.

Not only that, but the range is completely free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary synthetics. So that’s no GM ingredients, Petrolatum, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or Parabens.

And it’s not just for women…

For any men feeling left out, fear not: we’re also stocking their wonderful men’s range, The Refinery. This is designed specifically with men in mind, leaving your skin soothed, calmed and protected. The range is extensive, from from shaving preparations to intensive treatments.

I’m hugely proud that The Clinic is the first salon in South East London to stock the Aromatherapy Associates range. Please call in if you’d like to find out more, or to take a look at the gorgeous range of products on offer – they also make wonderful gifts!

And if this has piqued your interest in aromatherapy, you can find out more at their official website here.