Did you know that 36% of adults in England are overweight and a further 29% are obese? If you have ever struggled with your weight, you are definitely not alone.

Obesity is linked to an increased risk of many health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many types of cancer. It has also been found to increase risk of mental illnesses such as clinical depression and anxiety. New UK research has also revealed that being obese reduces the chance of survival from severe coronavirus disease (Covid-19). In fact, a study of UK NHS health records found a doubling of the risk of dying from Covid-19 among people who were obese. And the risk would be higher still if other health conditions linked to obesity such as heart disease were taken into account. Lockdown is also likely to contribute to the problem.  People are unable to keep to their usual exercise routines and may not be able to regularly shop for fresh food.

It’s no surprise that people are increasingly seeking help to lose weight. A quick search for “weight management” on Google UK returns more that 34 million results! It’s a telling indication of the scale of the problem. It demonstrates what we already know: weight loss is much more complicated than a simple instruction to eat less and move more.  Studies have shown that although diet alone can be effective in the short to medium term, people rarely keep the weight off.

So, what DOES work?

The most effective way to manage weight is to look at all the things that influence it. A person becomes overweight for many reasons, not just poor diet and lack of physical activity. Some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism can lead to weight gain. Genetics are also believed to play a role. Environmental factors are also known to influence a person’s weight, for example learning poor eating habits in childhood. Turning to food when you are upset, or emotional eating, can also be a big problem.

A successful weight management plan will consider each of these factors. We totally understand that weight loss is not a single solution approach. That’s why we have curated a team of specialists to help you on this journey. Let’s make this weight loss something that lasts! Take a look at the Dr Mayoni BodyFit Programme to see how we can work with you. The first step to your new start is a confidential consultation with Dr Mayoni. Contact us to book in.