What is the AlphaRet Skin Peel Facial Treatment?

The AlphaRet skin peel facial treatment features an award-winning technology that smooths and softens the skin, as well as giving it a more even look. Utilising skinbetter science’s innovative AlphaRet product, these peels are perfect for anyone with mild or moderate photodamage, blemishes and early signs of ageing. If you want to know more about this amazing product, this article explains everything.

AlphaRet Skin Peel Facial Treatment Information

What is the AlphaRet Skin Peel Facial Treatment?

These treatments feature the exclusive retinoid AlphaRet, created by American company skinbetter science. In fact, it is a combination of a retinoid and an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). A retinoid is a compound derived from vitamin A that is known to reduce the signs of ageing on the face, including the development of wrinkles. It is so

effective when it comes to skincare that it is often used by medical professionals to treat skin conditions.

The AlphaRet chemical peel comes in two systems; 30 and 50. Both feature a pre-peel solution that prepares the skin to receive the peel. In addition they provide a triple-acid peel gel, which contains lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid in either a 30 or 50% proprietary blend. You also get the AlphaRet peel solution to match the system that you purchase.

Benefits of AlphaRet Skin Peel Facial Treatment

In addition to leaving your skin looking bright and smooth, there are a host of great benefits to using the AlphaRet chemical peel:

  • The peel can minimise highly visible pores and rough patches on your skin, as well as helping to reduce wrinkles and other fine lines that can appear.
  • Lactic acid within the peel not only moisturises, but also exfoliates at the same time. And the triple acid combination also rejuvenates your skin.
  • It removes any dead skin cells on your face and helps prevent pores becoming clogged.
  • The peel aids improve the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • 100% of users of AlphaRet Professional Peel System 30 questioned agreed that their skin texture was smoother looking and pores were less visible following three peels.
  • 100% of users of AlphaRet Professional Peel System 50 questioned agreed that the overall condition of their skin had improved from baseline after just a single peel, and that the overall appearance of their skin had improved from baseline and their skin was clearer, smoother and brighter looking with an overall improvement in skin texture after three peels.

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How to Get the AlphaRet Skin Peel Facial Treatment

You can only get hold of this effective and exciting treatment through authorised professionals such as The Clinic by Dr Mayoni. If you are interested in benefiting from these amazing peels, our team can advise you on the best way to achieve your skincare objectives. Book a consultation today to find out more.

We are experienced in performing these kinds of treatments and you can be sure that you are in good hands when you choose us to perform your AlphaRet skin peel facial treatment. We understand the complexities of our customers’ skin and can advise you on the treatments that will be safe and effective in your individual case.

AlphaRet Event

Our AlphaRet event runs this Thursday 24th March 2022, where you can find out more about this fantastic product. You can learn about the many benefits and we will talk you through the process of undertaking the AlphaRet skin peel facial treatment. Sign up to join us today.

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