I recently wrote a piece for the rather wonderful website Mummy’s Gin Fund, a parenting network and social enterprise in London and South East England. The article, “What’s wrong with Botox for mums?”, set out to challenge the idea that mums should feel somehow guilty for having treatments like Botox or fillers. While we’re happy to flaunt our gym memberships or trips to the spa, when it comes to injectable treatments, we’re much more secretive. There can be a sense of shame attached to cosmetic procedures: as if we’re cheating in some way! And worse still, we’re spending our precious time on this: time we should be using in other ways.

I think it’s high time we stopped giving ourselves a hard time for wanting to look well rested and refreshed – especially those of us with small kids who generally feel anything but…

You can read the full piece in the Mummy’s Gin Fund blog here. Let me know what you think!

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