The situation with Covid-19 is evolving every week. We’re watching carefully to see how we can begin to reopen The Clinic. The UK government published guidance for employers on 11th May to help them get their businesses back up and running safely. The guidance now says that “for those who cannot work from home and whose workplace has not been told to close, our message is clear: you should go to work.” Many people in roles such as manufacturing, for example, will be returning to work in the coming weeks.

Testing will aid the return to work

Appropriate testing will be vital at this stage. It is important to identify who is currently ill, and who has already been infected. We think regular, ongoing testing will become commonplace too. This is because experts do not yet know if you develop a full immunity to Covid-19 after you have had it. We also know that a significant proportion of people who get the virus do not show any symptoms at all. It’s hard to know what proportion exactly. A small scale study published in the British Medical Journal suggested that almost four in five people (78%) with Covid-19 have no symptoms. However, these people could still be passing the infection to those around them, including those who are more at risk of complications.

Why testing will be so important as workplaces reopen The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

If you are a business owner wondering how best to protect your workforce and support your business with testing, please do get in touch. We offer a PCR test to identify if a person currently has the virus.

These tests have very high sensitivity and specificity. They are also CE marked and approved for use by the FDA. The tests are simple to carry out and are analysed at an independent laboratory. Results take just a few days after the samples arrive at the lab.

To order tests, please visit our Coronavirus Testing Kit page. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email.